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Cold Carolina River

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written, arranged, produced by Miriam Allen

Miriam Allen - vocals
David Zoll - acoustic & electric guitars
Josh Milligan - drums
Paul Leech - bass


Well it runs wet and it runs wide, and here love you can not hide, it runs 3 1/4 miles from my home. And I used to love a man, but the river he couldn't stand, so I had to leave him dry up on the bank.
(chorus) And my home, my home, let me tell y'all about my home: ain't nothing but a cold Carolina river running through my soul.
For ten years we went down and our feet never touched the ground, the sun beat down on us and we shined like fool's gold. And then one day you showed up with all your love, and your kindness makes me want to cry.
Take me down the river babe and I'll follow you down, treat me with kindness and I'll follow you around. Be patient with me I'm just learning how to love. Learning . . how to love.
Well I might believe in true love and some things last forever, and I promise that I'll love you with all my might. Be patient with me I'm just learning how to love. My teacher, my friend, my love.