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Tryin' to Play 'Windy & Warm'

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Music by John D. Loudermilk, lyrics & arrangement by Don Humphries

Miriam Allen - vocals
Don Humphries -guitar, percussion
Nathan Milner - bass


Well here I sit, caught in the middle, can't find a dobro, can't play fiddle, been playing this song since I was little, trying to play 'Windy & Warm'

I heard Chett play it when I was just a youngin. Old Doc played it long and strong, and here I sit longer and longer, trying to play 'Windy & Warm'

You see what I mean, it's a real toughun. I gotta get it right, there ain't no bluffin. And when I get it right, I'll be the stuffin. When I get the 'Windy & Warm.'

When I get old and ain't worth a damn, give my finger to Uncle Sam, scatter my ashes up on the farm, up there where it's windy & warm.

When I get to heaven and they give me a harp, I hope it's tuned in C#, I'll be playing it right from the start, trying to play 'Windy & Warm'