1. Loja
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written, arranged, produced by Miriam Allen

Miriam Allen - acoustic & electric guitars, percussion, vocals


Four walls, made of clay and if the rain comes through the roof, wash my floor away. The Garden of Eden in a mason jar, the forbidden fruit growing in my back yard.

(chorus) And I don't want to go back to Loja today. Don't remind me of your civilized ways. I don't want to go back to Loja today. Those God awful noises scare me away.

And I hang my laundry from the trees & watch the clothes fly off the mountain with the breeze. And high up on my perch I sing like an old wise bird.

And I give my horse free reign to tear up a mountain in a red dust stain. The day is done and I'm off my feet, but I can still hear his rhythm rock me to sleep. Rock me to sleep . . .