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Fishing for a Fish

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written by Hawke Morffi and Jesse Prichard
arranged, produced by Miriam Allen

Miriam Allen - guitar, vocals
Sir Henry Westmoreland - trumpet, tuba, whistling
Josh Milligan - drums


Well my baby does me wrong sometimes and he knows I love fish, well if I had a genie's lamp, a fish would be my wish. So before he brings me bad news, he just grabs his rod and reel, and heads down to the river bank to fish me up a meal. (chorus) & he goes fishin' for a fish catches it and then he cooks it in wine. (repeat)
Well my darling's pretty young you know, despite the way he looks. On one side his dresser he keeps the Wall St. journal & on the other side comic books. And when he knows he's got me mad his ace is in the hole. My darling don't bother with sweet talk, he just grabs his fishing pole. (chorus)
Well my darling he's just wild about me, and cries when we're apart. He knows how to use my stomach, to get straight on through to my heart. When I die and go to heaven, Jesus will thank me, for loving my man, and loving my fish, and living by the river bank. (chorus) For me! Can't you see?