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Captian Coomber & the Moresby

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written, arranged, produced by Miriam Allen

Miriam Allen - vocals
Tom Dudley - acoustic, electric guitars
Trevor Stoia - bass


Her husband was a ship captain, a man to behold. She was born of the sea, her song and voice like gold.
One day the seas they raged and boiled and threatened the ship's life, and the maiden knew if no help came her crew would surely die. (chorus) down, down, down, down, to the bottom of the sea. down, down, down, down, her fate a mystery.
The Irish Coast Guard came to help and save the ship's life, but in an outrageous pride, the captain he denied.
She watched the Coast Guard disappear with fear upon her breast, she watched the ocean take her ship and her men jump to their deaths. (chorus)
Her husband and her gentle crew, the storm they did not weather, but the maiden she lives on in song and her gold it lasts forever.