1. Samuel
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written, arranged, produced by Miriam Allen

Miriam Allen - guitar, vocals


Samuel, don’t be in pain.
You’ve got me singing in vain,
oh Samuel.

And even though, you’ve got a wallet full of holes,
you’ve got a heart full of gold, oh Samuel.

Won’t you lay your healing hands on us Samuel?
Water us and put us in the sunshine.
And mend our torn up hearts with your gold.

And you feel the green, when you touch the trees,
and the salty breeze, keeps you sane.
And when I sing, you feel my pain,
I’ll drive you insane, if you’ll let me.


A few more months, and I’ll be home,
no longer on my own, you better be there, Samuel.
A pillow and a blanket, you’ll bring to me,
so I’ll have sweet dreams, on your sofa.