1. South Carolina
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South Carolina

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written, arranged, produced by Miriam Allen

Miriam Allen - vocals, guitar
Jesse Prichard - fiddle
Jake Holwegner - bass


Do you remember, your granddaddy playing Irish fiddle tunes
on the porch in 1921? Do you think you could hum just one
of those for me? Oh gone, from the world, a melody.

And do I deserve to wear this diamond ring?
My mind, it goes round and round.
All the time, I wish, I’d spent with you,
oh I hope, I did not let you down.

Sunday dinner, we’d all get in line,
and I wish right now, I had your hand in mine.
But ancient tales, have been passed down like a song,
oh 93 years, was not very long.

And I hide from you, up in the top, in the top
of the magnolia tree. And you know that I,
can still see, the top of your head,
looking around for me.

You painted the roadsides pink with wild flowers,
and the rolling hills were happy for that.
And from all of us, down here in South Carolina,
well it ain’t the same, now that you’re gone.
No it ain’t the same, now that you’re gone.